محاضرة ومعرض

Guided tour

11 Feb

2017 - 10 : 00


جولة إرشادية

Adventure in the Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Tulun and Beit al-Kritliyya

Guided Tour for families in the Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Tulun and the Gayer Anderson Museum (Beit Alkriteleyh) to learn, interact and play by discovering heritage. The tour aims to raise awareness of the importance of monuments and heritage with the interest of the participants of UNESCO World Heritage to develop the sites of historic Cairo  in particular and the area of al-Khalifa.

The tour is organised by Athar Lina Initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Antiquities and Museum Gayer-Anderson.

The program:

– Game tariff cards and a treasure hunt in the Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Tulun (families and children will be divided into four teams to compete for access to the treasure and solving the puzzle)
– Collage (Each family will draw and colour by using the available materials from pictures and graphics to create a painting that tells the information were children discovered during the game cards tariff and treasure hunt)
– A guided tour inside the House of Amina beint Salem and al-Kritliyya House to discover how to live in a Muslim house and visit the most important rooms and halls of the two houses.
– Storytelling of the Legends al-Kritliyya House.
Who can apply: Children from 8 to 12 years and families, the maximum number of participants are 40 child / person.

Meeting point: in front of Mosque of Ahmad Ibn Tulun 9:30 am
The tour starts at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm

The tour fees: 80 pounds for the child / person. All the proceeds go to Athar Lina’s heritage schol for Khalifa’s children and improve its services.

Please register and confirm your attendance by:
1. Contact our office from 9 am until 5 pm, at number: 01067021656
Fill the registration form on the link below:

مغامرة في جامع أحمد بن طولون وبيت الكريتلية