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Abdallah Gad


25 Mar

2014 - 19 : 00


ورشة عمل

عبدالله جاد


Grad Project Workout: Module 2: Advanced Techniques for modelling via 3DS Max

This is the second workshop in module 2 in Megawra’s program for the “Graduation project workout” . It is an INTENSIVE two session workshop that aims at providing a quick overview on how to use 3ds max in advanced modelling BUT using simple tools and to provide participants with useful tips and tricks accordingly. It focuses on learning the tools needed to build a quick and easy model through utilizing 3ds max.

Participants need to have basic knowledge of 3ds Max
Participants will use their laptops with their installed version of 3ds Max
You can attend this workshop without attending any of the previous lectures in the Grad workout series

Instructor: Arch Abdallah Gad
Lecture date: 25/3/2014 (3 hours) at 7:00 PM, 29/3/2014 (3 hours) at 7:00 PM
Number of hours: 6 hours
Fees: 25 LE per hour (150 LE in total)
Deadline for registering: 25/3/2014
Maximum number of participants: 15

Learning outcomes of the lectures:

The ability to design 3D designs and environments, learning different techniques & many tips and tricks to do what u want using very OPTIMIZED AND FAST techniques.

Outline of the lectures:

– Introduction.

– 3Ds max jumpstart.

– Workflow, customize your Interface, project folder & shortcuts.

– Combine multiple modeling concepts to create photo real models.

– Learn to build anything you can imagine.

– Modeling as a way of thinking.

– Q&A.

– Beauty lies in details.

– Introduction to our project.

– High and low poly modeling.

– The power of EDIT POLY.

– Working with modifiers.

– Deconstruction Vs Parametricism (Organic forms- second nature)

– Q&A.

– Closing.

Reservation is on a first come first served basis and is open from today till the 15 places are filled. To reserve a place, please come and pay the fees at Megawra.

Abdallah Gad completed his BSc degree from Cairo university in 2012. He has worked for many architectural firms in Cairo as an architectural designer and later as a design team leader. He is versatile with all architecture modelling and rendering tools.

Megawra – Built Environment Collective Address: 17 Amin Zaki St. Ard el-Golf, Cairo, Egypt. Tel: (+2) 02 22911743(+2) 02 22911743 E-mail: website: Facebook: Megawra focus group (

تدريبات مشروع التخرج: طرق متقدمة لإستخدام الثري دي ماكس

الجزء الثاني من تدريبات مشروع التخرج هي ورشة عمل مكثفة لمدة يومين تركز على طرق متقدمة لإستخدام الثري دي ماكس باستخدام أدوات بسيطه لا تتطلب معرفة جيدة بالبرنامج. الورشة سوف تعرض نصائح لطرق التصميم و التشكيل في البرنامج.

المحاضر: المعماري عبد الله جاد

ميعاد الورشة: 25-3-2014 (ثلاث ساعات) الساعة السابعة مساء

(ثلاث ساعات) الساعة السابعة مساء 29-3-2014

عدد الساعات: 6 ساعات

رسوم الإشتراك: 25ج في الساعة (150 ج للورشة كاملة)

اقصى عدد للمشاركين: 15