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Léopold Lambert

18 Feb

2015 - 18 : 00


ليوبولد لامبير

LECTURE AND DISCUSSION | Léopold Lambert | The Funambulist

(The Funambulist) is a blog created in 2007 that attempts to articulate questions that understand architecture as the discipline that organizes bodies in space. Its name is inspired by a wondering/wandering on the line as architects’ medium. A line on the white page splits in reality two milieus from one another and places bodies on each side of it. The act of walking on the line (funambulist means tight-rope walker) is an act of subversion of the traditional role of the line/wall. Since 2013, the eleventh first Funambulist Pamphlets have been published, as well as the first volume of The Funambulist Papers (Punctum Books).


مدونة فونامبوليست| ليوبولد لامبير | محاضرة و مناقشة

محاضرة ومناقشة عن مدونة (The Funambulist) تناول بعض الأفكار المتعلقة بسياسات البيئة العمرانية وعلاقتها بالجسد.